“I highly recommend Eco-Shift to any other jurisdiction that is looking to adopt creative funding sources related to climate change.”

Suzi Merriam, Watsonville Acting Principal Planner

Dr. Gershenson will moderate a panel entitled Planning for the Future: Sea Level Rise in California at the California County Commissioner’s meeting on Water and Innovative Land Use Planning.

EcoShift & Climate Action Planning

EcoShift’s James Barsimantov quoted in this GreenTech Media article for analysis on CA residential electricity rate design

EcoShift in the News – Energy Policy

Read parts one, two, and three in the three-part series by EcoShift Consulting and Carbon Design Group on integrating Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainable Design.

EcoShift and Sustainable Products

EcoShift Principal Dr. Mulvaney is one of five judges for the Intel Environment Award at the Tech Awards. The $75,000 award will go to a Laureate with the most promise to contribute to clean water, improved air quality, and sustainability.

EcoShift in the Community

“EcoShift went the extra mile for us, identifying the hidden energy savings that we were unable to find on our own and helping us make progress towards our sustainability goals.”

Dale Coke, Owner, Coke Farm

“EcoShift conducted clear and compelling economic analysis on the impacts of electricity rate design on conservation, energy efficiency, and solar PV.”

Andy Katz, Sierra Club

“EcoShift provided a comprehensive Climate Action Plan that exceeded our expectations. Their expertise and thorough analysis resulted in a highly effective plan that will help us meet our strategic goals.”

Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

“EcoShift brings experience and background that is not currently common in the field of sustainable business practices and we are delighted with what they did and continue to do for us.”

Ian Browde, CEO, Greening Point, Inc.

“Your ideas present a clear, direct methodology we can—and will—use to show our end user how to maximize their dollars and make the right choice for our environment at the same time. ”



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    Life Cycle Analysis 
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    Energy Efficiency 

We are a team of climate change, energy, and sustainability experts who work with leading organizations to develop and implement value-creating strategies. Using the lenses of sustainability metrics and business strategy, we identify the challenges – and innovations – that will help our clients become industry leaders and create profitable, sustainable advantage.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability consulting enables us to assess, plan, and implement tailor-made strategies for our clients. We bring the technical expertise needed to make your decisions effective and efficient while building sustainability into operations, management, products, and services. We help business and government leaders understand sustainability for what it really is – the greatest business opportunity of our time.

Selected EcoShift Clients




Recent News and Blog Articles

EcoShift’s Avoided Costs Analysis featured in Utah’s Net Metering Debate August 4, 2014 3:35 pm

EcoShift’s analysis for the Sierra Club demonstrated that the electricity utility and its rate payers save substantially from solar net metering customers.

EcoShift analysis demonstrates avoided costs of solar net metering customers in Utah June 16, 2014 4:22 pm

EcoShift is collaborating with the Sierra Club in Utah as solar power homeowners fight proposed utility fee. Key finding: “Homes with rooftop solar would help save the utility over $1.4 million dollars in avoided energy and transmission costs in one year.” Read More at http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/57966967-78/power-solar-customers-net.html.csp

Bio Architecture Lab, EcoShift make waves with seaweed-based biofuels December 19, 2013 4:40 pm

EcoShift’s sea-to-pump life cycle analysis of BioArchitecture Lab’s seaweed macro-algae ethanol was described at Biofuels Digest.

EcoShift project update: CalRecycle publishes Critical Review of Used Oil Life Cycle Assessment Study December 17, 2013 2:59 pm

CalRecycle recently published their Critical Review of Used Oil Life Cycle Assessment Study, which contains analysis from EcoShift. The publication details the methodology and results of the Used Oil Life Cycle Assessment Critical Review according to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) methodology described in ISO 14040-14044. The report consists of the combined efforts of a review chair and 5 panel members, including EcoShift.


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